Restoring forests for all generations to prosper

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Social & Environmental Advancement

Social Benefits

Helping the Community

The company will provide jobs with benefits to several hundred community members while instituting sustainable forestry and agro-forestry practices as an alternative source of income to prevailing slash and burn farming and ranching practices.

Socio-Economic Benefit

Economic benefits achieved from Company activities will encourage local community members to protect the forest and timber resources where they live, while discouraging illegal logging and the clearing of existing forests to supplement incomes. In so doing, the activities of the company will address persistent problems of poverty and deforestation in and around Pico Bonito National Park.

Local inhabitants in and around the land areas of the project will receive significant education, training, and work opportunities. As the Company expands its activities, direct employment will include thousands of full time, part time, and seasonal management and forestry positions within the Company. Beyond direct employment opportunities, community-based development of alternative agricultural practices will be heavily promoted by the Project, thus increasing sustainable forestry and agro-forestry management practices.

All together, education, training, and economic/social benefits will reach hundreds of local communities and tens of thousands of local inhabitants - aligning future generations’ need for improved living standards with the maintenance of the park’s eco-systems and biodiversity.

A boy in a field
A shack
Two male workers in the forest
A child with some seedlings

Environmental Benefits

A place to call home

Along with many other endangered and threatened species, the majestic jaguar enjoys the lush tropical habitat of Pico Bonito National Park.

Raw and untainted by human activity, Pico Bonito National Park provides refuge to our planet’s imperiled species. With essential connectivity to the Meso-American Biological Corridor, these critically endangered animals are allowed to graze, hunt and reproduce as nature intended. However, due to significant agriculture and cattle grazing, natural resources of the forest directly surrounding the park have been severely depleted. Bousques Pico Bonito will address these areas in order to:

This will enable the buffer zones surrounding the park to recover and to become a permanent expanded refuge to preserve for future generations what otherwise would have been lost forever.

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