Restoring forests for all generations to prosper

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Community Agroforestry

Conservation for the community

As part of local community involvement, the Company will heavily promote sustainable forestry and agroforestry management practices on private land areas adjacent to the Project and parklands and as a result, aims to achieve even broader sustainable forestry management and preservation, and replace the previous slash and burn farming practices.

Training for a Better Future

Farmers will receive training in soil conservation, integrated pest management, starting tree nurseries, and planning to introduce trees to their farms. Foresters will train local community members in how to plant and maintain trees, while hundreds of local community members will be trained in basic reforestation and agorforestry techniques. These efforts will result in non timber forest products being produced every year. Once trained, these local community groups will plant trees and initiate agroforestry activities on an independent basis and for their own benefit. Thereafter, Bosques Pico Bonito will play a role in marketing these products to both local and international markets. The Foundation for Pico Bonito National Park, FUPNAPIB, will train community members in leadership, accountability, and their governance role in the local community activities taking place.

This muti-year effort will reach thousands of local community farmers and their families and will result in a meaningful and sustainable increase in their annual income, while instituting sound land and environmental management practices across thousands of hectares of at-risk land areas.

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