Restoring forests for all generations to prosper

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A forest restored… a community revitalized

Bosques Pico Bonito works toward solving the global climate change crisis through the production of carbon offsets. This effort will provide social, environmental, and economic benefits for Pico Bonito’s underprivileged communities.

Pico Bonito National Park at a Glance

  • Location: The North coast of Honduras near the coastal city of La Ceiba
  • Size: 107,000 hectares (265,000 acres) of protected forestland
  • Population: 24,000 people from 82 communities that live in and around the Park
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Map of Honduras

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This project is one of the most cutting edge projects in the field and establishes an innovative environmental business model that is sustainable. Moreover, the methodology created for this project has become one of the main methodologies to be used by other LULUCF projects in degraded landscapes.

Ellysar Baroudy
World Bank BioCarbon Fund

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