Restoring forests for all generations to prosper

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Planting for a bright tomorrow

Commercial Benefits

The Company’s land management and reforestation activity will produce significant amounts of precious tropical hard woods. This timber will be offered in a world market at a time when the supply of such wood is diminishing and prices are rising.

Commercial Reforestation

Bosques Pico Bonito will plant over one million trees. Commercial reforestation will take place on thousands of hectares of previously degraded land. Over 16 native tree species are being planted including; Cedar, Mahogany and Rosewood.


The commercial reforestation will be selectively and sustainably harvested to FSC certification standards. The project will also produce agroforestry products which may include; Coffee, Rambutan, and Allspice.

The revenue-producing elements of the commercial reforestation are tropical, milled, FSC certified hardwood for local and international consumption, along with pre-harvest thinned wood. The commercial reforestation in degraded areas around the national park will restore habitats and watersheds while providing attractive returns on investment.


Green certification of plantations and logging operations is now occurring worldwide, under a wide variety of certification standards. Each set of standards identifies specific measurable targets to ensure that forest management meets a variety of goals.

PROFILE: The Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC)


The Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) certification program provides the most comprehensive and widely recognized set of standards available. The FSC standards address the full range of operational and sustainability goals, including issues such as social justice, habitat maintenance and enhancement, respect for aboriginal rights, use of natural pesticides, etc.

PROFILE: Brinkman Associates Reforestation Ltd.

Brinkman Associates Reforestation Ltd.

Brinkman Associates Reforestation Ltd.

Brinkman Associates Reforestation Ltd. has been hired to assist with the commercial management aspects of Bosques Pico Bonito. Brinkman is recognized as a leader, innovator and provider of high-quality silviculture. Over its 35-year history, the company has helped to create, refine, and improve the international silviculture contracting market.

Brinkman now carries out a wide variety of projects and has successfully established itself as a preferred plantation manager on the international stage including a variety of projects based in Central America. It’s core business activities continue to be planting, stand tending, cone collections and survey, with growing divisions in restoration, first nation training programs and joint venture business relationships. Since its inception, Brinkman has planted close to 750 million trees.

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