Restoring forests for all generations to prosper

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Welcome to Bosques Pico Bonito

Restore a forest, begin to heal the planet

Producing the highest levels of environmental benefits while advancing local community interests in tangible ways, and generating financial and economic benefits for all project stakeholders so that indefinite sustainability is achieved.

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If you care about the future of our planet…

Pollution of our atmosphere resulting in rising temperatures and devastating climate change

Destruction of our rainforests, ruining fragile ecosystems and resulting in the elimination of thousands of plant and animal species

Depletion of fragile watersheds and green terrain resulting in desertification of vast areas

Grinding rural poverty in the tropical and sub-tropic regions resulting in endless cycles of habitat destruction to support daily survival

If you believe that free market, commercially focused models are the best approach to addressing these issues on a large scale and sustainable basis…

And if you want to make a difference…

Then Bosques Pico Bonito should be important to you.

Bosques Pico Bonito is a pioneering effort to blend world class expertise in scientific environmental protection, forest restoration, and local community organization together with practical business management expertise and sophisticated commercial financing techniques to establish successful and scalable working models to address these global challenges.

Now in its fourth year of operation, Bosques Pico Bonito has demonstrated that a model with blended environmental, social, economic, commercial, and investment objectives can be constructed and managed successfully.

As governments continue to establish more strict regulatory mechanisms to address climate change and financial markets continue to recognize the attractive opportunities presented by the Bosques Pico Bonito model, we expect our activities to continue to grow and look forward to establishing operations in additional locations that could benefit from our successful model.

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